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Supported by Law Enforcement,
Crime Victims and Teachers

Why This Reform Matters

It's a simple and common-sense idea, but a powerful one. This reform will improve public safety, reduce prison spending and invest hundreds of millions in K-12 schools, victim services, and mental health and drug treatment.

The idea? Change the lowest-level, nonviolent crimes such as simple drug possession and petty theft from felonies to misdemeanors - and dedicate the savings to crime prevention. This reform maintains the current law for registered sex offenders and anyone with prior convictions for rape, murder or child molestation.

Supported by law enforcement leaders, crime victims, teachers, rehabilitation experts, business leaders, faith-based leaders and civil rights organizations, this reform will focus our law enforcement resources on violent and serious crime, and use the savings in prison spending to prevent crime: improvements to K to 12 schools, victim services, and mental health treatment.

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Who Supports Reform

The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act is brought to you by two of California's most-respected law enforcement leaders -- San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón and retired San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne.

This reform plan brings together law enforcement leaders, crime victims, teachers, business leaders, faith leaders, rehabilitation experts, and civil rights leaders.